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Gone Fishin’ – DIY Magnetic Fishing Set

Magnetic Fishing Set

DIY Magnetic Fishing Set

This is super easy, super cute, and super cheap!






Needle and Thread or Hot Glue

Thin Doll Rod



Super Glue


To Make the Fish:

You can use either mis-match socks that the S0ck Monster has left behind at your house or you can buy some cheap socks.  I bought some little cheap socks at the Dollar Tree.  My Sock Monster didn’t leave behind any tiny cute socks.  I sewed buttons on for the eyes and then put a strong magnet in the tip of the sock.  Then fill the sock with fiberfill to the heal of the sock.  Make sure to put enough in that it will hold the magnet in place at the tip of the sock.  Then tie a piece of ribbon around the sock at the heal.  Depending on the kind of ribbon that you use you may need to glue it down or sew it to keep it knotted.  Your Fish are finished!!

Fishing Pole:

Take a thin doll rod, you can find them at your local craft store.  Tie a piece of yarn to the end of it and at the other end of the yarn super glue another strong magnet.


Place your fish in your bucket!  I picked a bucket up at Dollar Tree for $1.00.

This is sure to keep your kiddos entertained and its super cute, cheap, and easy on top of it!


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