Learning to live creatively with a family of five.

Halloween Made Cheap!

Felicity the Dead Bride, Lexi the Vampire, and Rylee the Kitty Cat

This Halloween I had a dead bride, a vampire and a cat all for only $7.00!  I was about jumping up and down for joy when I made it through the Halloween season without breaking the bank on costumes this year!  Felicity is the “Dead Bride”.  I used part of a bolt of tool that I had left over from my wedding decorations from years ago. I took a silver belt that Felicity already had in her closet and took strips of tool, folded them in half and looped them around the belt.

Fold long strip of tool in half and wrap around belt and then pull through the loop, pulling it tight. Do this all the way around the belt.

She wore a white tank top and white legging underneath the skirt.  She already had these for everyday wear.  She’s holding a bouquet of fake flowers that were mine from being a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding a few years ago.

Now for the veil.  Felicity had a white headband already.  We took that and took a strip of tool, folded it in half and around the head band and she simply put the head band on.

Tool veil on head band.

To finish off the “Dead” look we added some fake blood and black Halloween make-up around her eyes. We had all this left over from years past.

Total Cost of “Dead Bride”: $0.00…Can’t beat that!!  Even if you had to buy some materials you could keep this one pretty cheap.

My Little Kitty Cat:

This is where my expense came in.  I found a headband with cat ears on it at Meijer and found my inspiration for her outfit.  The headband was about $7.00.  She wore a black shirt and leggings that she already had.  I made a cat’s tail to pin on her bottom out of black fabric scraps.   I made my own pattern on paper and then cut it out of the black scrapes, sewed it, and filled it up with fiberfill.  These were all materials I had lying around from other projects.  To finish off the look I added black whiskers with eyeliner. and put some pink lipstick on her nose.

DIY Cat’s Tail

Cat’s tail…too cute!


I got really lucky on this one.  Alexis decided that she wanted to be a vampire and Felicity wore this costume last year.  All I had to do was hem up the bottom of the outfit  to fit her and we were set!  We already had the vampire teeth from last year.  Well, we had the bottom half of the fake teeth anyway.  Felicity wouldn’t wear the  bottom teeth last year so we only had the bottoms in the Halloween box.  With Lexi’s already tiny teeth the bottom teeth were still a good match.  I just had to cut some of the back teeth off so they would fit in her mouth.  Viola!  Perfect Little Vampire!  Cost: $0.00  WooHoo!!!


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