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DIY Headband Holders

DIY Headband Holder

DIY Headband Holder

Supplies Needed:

1 1/2 in Ribbon

7/8 in Ribbon

Sewing Machine


Inexpensive Clear Shower Curtain Rings

Depending on how many headband loops you want available depends on how long you should make it and how much ribbon you will need.

At the top of the 1 1/2 in ribbon you want to sew an open loop so you can insert the shower curtain ring through the loop.  My 1 1/2 inch ribbon is about 2 1/2 feet total length.  You can make it longer or shorter depending on how many loops you want available to store the headbands in.

You can sew the 7/8 in ribbon on where ever you want to start it at making sure to fold the start under to keep it from unraveling.  I left about 5 1/2 in for each loop leaving about an inch from where I sewed the start of the loop to where I sewed the end of the loop.  Between loops I would sew the 7/8 in. ribbon down on the 1 1/2 in. ribbon for an inch before making the next loop.

Once all the ribbon is placed on and stitched I stitched on buttons at the top of each loop just for some extra decoration.  These do not serve any specific function.  You could also hot glue these on if you wanted to save some time.

To help the loops lay nicer I took a hot flat iron (yes, the hair straightener kind) and quickly pinched it down at the bottom of each loop.  Do not leave it on too long or you may melt your ribbon.  Some ribbon may melt very easily doing this.  I don’t recommend doing this on all ribbon types.   This helped to crease the loop so it would lay the correct way.

DIY Headband Holders

DIY Headband Holders



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